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GROW Healthy Kids and Communities – Reporting Back After 5 Years in Communities


In the Summer 2014 issue of Oregon Small Farm News, our colleagues in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences Extension reported on GROW Healthy Kids and Communities (GROW), an innovative,...

By Kathy Gunter, Deborah John, Tammy Winfield

Exercise Tutorials


View and participate in Better Bones and Balance exercises from your own home!

The WAVE~Ripples for Change: Obesity Prevention in Active Youth


OSU project directors Siew Sun Wong, an assistant professor of nutrition and a specialist with the Extension Service, and Melinda Manore, a professor of nutrition, were awarded $4.7 million to start the program, called “The WAVE Ripples for Change: Obesity Prevention for Active Youth in Afterschool Programs Using Virtual and Real-World Experiential Learning.”

By Siew Sun Wong

School Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment Tool (SPAN-ET)

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The School Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment Tool (SPAN-ET) was developed to assess school resources and readiness to improve nutrition and physical activity environments, suggest appropriate improvement strategies, and score impacts resulting from environmentally-based treatments. The assessment tool includes 27 Area of Interest items in physical activity and nutrition, and considers the physical, situational, and policy environment within each component.


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HEAL MAPPS™ is an award winning Extension Family & Community Health community engagement program. HEAL MAPPS™ helps communities document people’s experience related to supports and barriers for healthy eating and physical activity. We will provide your community with a MAPPS™ report to help facilitate and guide your community’s efforts for creating an environment that supports eating healthy and being physically active.

Balanced Energy-Physical Activity (BEPA) Toolkit©

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The Balanced Energy-Physical Activity (BEPA) Toolkit© integrates physical activity and nutrition concepts through education and activity. The toolkit provides educators with materials and activity ideas that can be used in and outside of the classroom and before, during, or after school..

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