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Meet Our Physical activity Experts

Jessica Barnett

4-H and FCH Education Program Assistant

Contact me with questions about 4-H programming and Snap-Ed in Gilliam County

Cindy Brown

4-H/FCH-SNAP Program Coordinator

Contact me for questions on 4-H youth development and healthy living programming in Sherman County as well as healthy living topics such as MyPlate, gardening, food preservation and food storage!

Kathy Gunter

Professor and Extension Specialist

Physical Activity and Active Living Program Director

Allison Harris

Nutrition Program Coordinator

Walk With Ease

Shawna Holland

Education Program Assistant 2, SNAP-Ed

Please contact me for information about nutrition, physical activity, and food scarcity in Crook County.

Lauren Kraemer


Associate Professor, Family and Community Health

Contact me with all your health and wellness questions in the Columbia River Gorge.

Robin Maille


Family & Community Health/SNAP-Ed

Associate Professor of Practice, Extension FCH

Carolina Muniz

Family & Community Health/SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Thomas Packebush


Faculty Research Assistant

Stephanie Polizzi


Family & Community Health

Contact for information about foods that prevent or arrest chronic disease.

Ellen Radcliffe

FCH/SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Emily Reilly


SNAP-Ed/Family and Community Health Program Coordinator

FCH/SNAP-ED program Coordinator for Clatsop County

Stephanie Russell, RD

Senior Instructor 1, SNAP-Ed Coordinator