Home Food Preservation

June-Aug 2018 SOREC-Classes-Jackson County Extension


Look and see what classes we offer this summer at Southern Oregon Research & Extension!

2018 Summer/Fall Food Preservation Classes


Classes include making Mini-Pies and Cobblers, Smoking and Curing Meats, Basic Fermentation and More!!!
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Food Safety & Preservation Hotline - July 16 - October 12 (M-F)


The OSU Extension Service Food Safety and Preservation Hotline starting July 16 and ending on October 12, 2018 (M-F, 9am-4pm).  Call 1-800-354-7319 (toll-free)

Should I Vacuum Package Food at Home? - SP50-603


Things to know about vacuum packaging food, including safety and potential for bacteria to grow

Safety of Canned Food that Freezes - SP50-695


Guidelines for determining the safety of canned food that has frozen.

Preserving for Special Diets - SP50-646


This provides the home food preserver information on reducing sugar and/or salt when preserving food for those with special dietary needs.

Shipping Food Gifts - SP50-933


Instructions and tips for shipping food products as gifts.

Using Preserved Foods Safely - SP50-494


Guidelines for using preserved foods safely.

Drying and Roasting Seeds - SP50-534


Information on safely drying and roasting sunflower and pumpkin/squash seeds, including harvesting, roasting, and storing.

Low Salt Pickles - SP50-533


Information on how to make low salt pickles, including recipes, preparation, and processing.

Canned Lemon Curd - SP50-922


Information how to make, can, and store lemon curd.

Canning Soups - SP50-931


Information on how to safely can soup, including procedure and processing times. Includes recipe for clam chowder base.

Guidelines of Using an Atmospheric Steam Canner for Home Food Preservation

Fact Sheet

Information on how to preserve high-acid foods in steam canner.