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Are pecked berries harmful?

We were picking blueberries and a couple of birds were having a grand time pecking away at the rows. We were trying to avoid the pecked berries and managed to get a nice bucket and discarded a few with pecks that accidentally got into the bucket. We washed and froze them for the winter. Some members...

By Glenda Hyde | Featured Question

Vintage honey, eat or toss?

I have a jar of honey from my parents that I think dates to 2010. Can you tell me whether it's good still? (It looks fine. It is partially crystalized, but looks OK.) 

By Glenda Hyde | Featured Question

Burger "sell by" date, seriously?

How many days is ground beef safe after the "sell by" date?

By Glenda Hyde | Featured Question

Dishwasher Jam? Don't do it!

My daughter told me she and her girl friends made strawberry jam they processed in a dishwasher rather than in a boiling water bath. Sounds dangerous to me. What is your opinion? Thank you.

By Glenda Hyde | Featured Question

Are Rhubarb Leaves Toxic?

I had always been told that rhubarb leaves are extremely toxic, but my research has confused that notion! Some sources say that it is hardly toxic, while others say it is lethal. Do you know how toxic rhubarb leaves actually are?

By Glenda Hyde | Featured Question

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