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2018 Harvest Dinner

Highlights from the 2018 North Willamette Harvest Dinner.


IPM Insect Pests of Wheat

Presentation by Steve Van Vleet, Washington State University, Whitman County Extension


Grafting is a Biological Disease Management Strategy

Grafting is an age-old technique used in plant propagation to combine two plants so that one plant provides a desirable rootstock and the other provides desirable fruit characteristics (Fig. 1). While...

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Virulent pathogen uses a genetic decoy to foil host’s immune defenses

Jan 13, 2017
A one-two punch may explain why Phytophthora is so devastating

By Gail Wells

News Story

New web-based tool helps farmers plant veggies at just the right time

Dec 9, 2016
Croptime helps farmers target harvest dates, boosting profit and sustainability

By Gail Wells

News Story

New OSU slug expert will help Oregon farmers combat the slimy pests

Apr 11, 2016
Rory McDonnell studies environmentally friendly slug control methods--such as essential oils from plants

By Gail Wells

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Why is my artichoke sprouting in September?

My globe artichoke plants have produced well this Spring and early Summer. In mid summer, two shoots emerged from a plant. I separated the shoots when they were 12" tall and planted them. Both shoots are growing slowly, after the initial shock. Now, in late summer, the same "mother" plant has six...