Pastures can contain a mixture of weeds.

Avoiding poisonous plants in pasture and hay


How to identify, manage, and avoid poisonous plants in your pasture.

By Shelby Filley

Horse Hoof And Leg Anatomy: A Guided Tour


Be able to visualize the skeletal anatomy of the lower leg and hoof of the horse. Develop an understanding of the causes of equine lameness and methods of treatment

By Scott Duggan

Horse Resources for Small Farms


This page is designed for the horse owner. Topics in this collection include: Management, breeds, reproduction, foaling, nutrition, health, and other equine resources.

Merck Veterinary Manual

Online Resource

The Merck Manuals, is a series of books for human and animal health care professionals and for the general public. As a service to the community, the content of The Manuals is available free of charge in enhanced online versions. The online versions are updated periodically with new information and contain illustrations and audio and video material not present in the print versions.
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Integrated Parasite Management for Livestock

Online Resource

Internal parasites can be a major problem for producers. With parasites developing resistance to all dewormers and more farmers producing livestock by 'natural' methods, there is interest in looking for alternative ways to managing parasite problems. This ATTRA (1999) publication covers aspects of the whole system affecting internal parasites, including nutrition, pasture management, soil organisms, and strategic deworming.

Animal Science: Horses

Online Resource

The basic nutritional management for horses should be the same, whether you are feeding a horse to win a 4-H show, a competitive trail ride, or the Kentucky Derby. The ultimate goal in feeding should be to have a healthy horse able to perform in the desired manner.

Pasture and Grazing Management Resources for Small Farms


Forage production is of primary importance to Oregon's livestock enterprises and agriculture economy. Pastures are kept in good condition by controlling weeds, fertilizing and most importantly, managing livestock. Implementing pasture management and grazing principles will increase forage yield and quality, provide a healthier place for livestock and improve farm aesthetics.

Weed, Poisonous Plant, and Pest Resources for Small Farms


These publications are shared to teach farmers and agriculturalists how to properly control weeds and poisonous plants and pests. Handbooks and management fact-sheets are provided as well as a list of common pasture weeds, poisonous plants, and other pests that affect pastures.
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Mud and Manure Management Resources for Small Farms


Publications and documents demonstrating the art of Mud and Manure Management for the pastures and forage crop. These contain useful information that are important when managing and producing livestock on pasture.

How much time do cattle spend in rangeland streams? Not so much, says OSU study

News Story

Dec 29, 2016
Now we have detailed data on how cattle use rangeland streams, says Williams

By Gail Wells

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