Jessica Barnett

4-H and FCH Education Program Assistant

Contact me with questions about 4-H programming and Snap-Ed in Gilliam County

Expertise: Horses , Swine , Business marketing , Nutrition and healthy eating , Physical activity , Youth education resources

Programs: Gilliam County 4-H

Locations: Gilliam County


Jessica serves as the Gilliam County Education Program Assistant with the Extension Service office in Condon for Gilliam County 4-H & Family Community Health. She coordinates, leads, trains, develops, and creates lasting relationships within the community. Jessica has served on many boards over the years, volunteers for many clubs and organizations, and serves her community in a variety of ways. She also helps with many youth organizations in the county, Jessica is a role model, leader and friend, she is a talented individual with the passion for helping others. While working at OSU on many projects from marketing, teaching in schools, 4-H programming to SNAP-Ed assignments, Jessica has a passion for teaching youth today leadership skills and positive youth development. Jessica is an avid horse lover and enjoys golfing and camping. She is a Condon alum and proud of it. She loves to spend time with her family on their farm and raising her 2 boys!

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