Gilliam County

Photo: Jessica Barnett (Cropped from original)

The Oregon State University Extension Service in Gilliam County provides research-based, objective information to help people solve problems, develop leadership, and manage resources wisely. Extension staff in Gilliam County offer programs and assistance in 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources and Community Development. Staff and over 40 volunteers assist Gilliam County residents through meetings, workshops, short courses, tours, publications, and demonstrations.

OSU Extension Service provides reliable, unbiased researched-based education and advice to help Gilliam County residents make informed decisions. Access is affordable, often offered at no cost through one-on-one conversations with experts, workshops, publications, online classes, websites, and youth development clubs and activities.

Building healthy communities, strengthening youth resiliency and college readiness, enhancing natural resources, and improving farming and ranching practices and profitability.

Welcome Skyler Palmer, our new Gilliam County Agriculture Outreach Program Coordinator, who will join us June 10.

Skyler Palmer grew up 30 miles out of Condon growing wheat and raising cattle on his dad's farm. He received his Bachelor's in Agronomy, Crop, and Soil Science from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He and his wife Aloura are very excited to join the community and serve the people of Gilliam County!