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Using expressed behaviour of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) to evaluate the vulnerability of upriver migrants under future hydrological regimes: Management implications and conservation planning

This article and research use the expressed behavior of Coho salmon to evaluate the vulnerability of upriver migrants under future hydrological regimes. The paper discusses management implications and conservation planning.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

2018 Evaluation of Pricing and Online Presence of Oregon Coast Tour Operators

This report is for companies along the Oregon coast that provide guided kayaking, salmon fishing and whale-watching tours.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Companies blocked from using West Coast ports to export fossil fuels keep seeking workarounds

Sociologists who have studied how people in the Northwest respond to proposals for large energy facilities in their communities point to factors that could make it significantly harder for local communities to have a say in the development.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

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OSU Extension Service opens Beaverton Education Center

Oct 5, 2016
New office offers meeting space for community

By Vicki Campbell | News Story

Economic sustainability of rural communities supported by environmental protection

Aug 28, 2008
Natural amenities can offset remoteness in attracting new households.

News Story

OSU study examines relationship between obesity and urban sprawl

Sep 8, 2005
An OSU study suggests that overweight people may tend to choose the suburban life.

By Peg Herring | News Story

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