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Here are some handy links to organizations important to raising livestock and forages:

By Shelby Filley, | Collection

A Best Practices Guide to Open Air Poultry Slaughter

Small-scale poultry producers in Oregon who meet certain conditions have the option of slaughtering their poultry in an open air setting.

By Lauren Gwin, | Article

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Tips to keep chickens in a laying mood

Nov 10, 2016
Giving them the correct feed is essential to proper egg production

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Bird flu no imminent threat to Oregon consumers says OSU expert

Nov 21, 2005
Despite the recent explosion of concern about ‘bird flu’ spreading to the United States, the disease does not present an imminent threat to consumers or the poultry industry in Oregon, says an OSU Extension poultry expert.

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What is munching my chickens?

I had a bunch of my chickens get their heads bit off while in their gated area and inside their coop when the door was left open. Any idea what animal eats the heads off chickens and how do I eliminate this creature?

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question