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What is munching my chickens?

Feb 2018
I had a bunch of my chickens get their heads bit off while in their gated area and inside their coop when the door was left open. Any idea what animal eats the heads off chickens and how do I eliminate this creature?

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

Chicken bullies, can I change the pecking order?

Aug 2016
Have a small flock of four hens. All are 2-1/2 years old and have been together since birth. Recently three of the hens have "turned" on the fourth and appears they won't be satisfied until she's gone. They will not let her eat or drink in their presence. Any ideas?

By James Hermes | Featured Question

Chicken Coop Poop Ready or Not?

Nov 2013
When I clean my chicken coop, I put the manure in a compost bin of its own, add some straw and grass and let it pile up. I started in March and will stop mid-November. When will it be "ready" to add to my raised vegetable beds?

By Donald Lauer | Featured Question