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Services - Producer Organizations

Here are some handy links to organizations important to raising livestock and forages:

By Shelby Filley, | Collection

A Best Practices Guide to Open Air Poultry Slaughter

Small-scale poultry producers in Oregon who meet certain conditions have the option of slaughtering their poultry in an open air setting.

By Lauren Gwin, | Article

Pastured Poultry 101

Why Pastured Poultry? Alternative Range Systems. Poultry Basics. Recommendations for Success.


Supplemental Feed for Poultry

Most producers of small poultry flocks have found feed prices increasing over the past several months. This is especially true for certified organic feeds. Much of the increase is related to increases...

By James Hermes | Article

Animal Welfare: A Complex Concept

Regardless of where they stand on the vegan-vegetarian-omnivore-carnivore continuum, enlightened and progressive consumers care about animal welfare. Animal welfare is a complex issue that is greatly...

By Susan Kerr, Amber Itle | Article

Meat & Poultry Buying at Farmer's Market's: A survey of shoppers at four markets in Oregon

Farmers’ markets can be a valuable direct marketing channel: market shoppers are often willing to pay more than supermarket prices because they value the freshness of the food and the connection with...

By Lauren Gwin, Larry Lev | Article