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How to establish a wine grape vineyard

This article describes the basic information needed for those interested in starting a vineyard for wine production.

By Patricia Skinkis

Fact Sheet

Pediococcus Quality Control Chart

Use this flow chart to avoid wine spoilage during fermentation.

By James Osborne

Fact Sheet

Conducting a Successful Malolactic Fermentation

Wine production criteria for ensuring success in malolactic fermentation.

By James Osborne

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I made my cider in an aluminum pot, is it safe?

Hi, I am processing a bunch of apple cider into quarts and 1/2 gallons. I brought all of the apple cider to a boil to pasteurize it, before processing it in a water bath. Now (unfortunately after the fact) I have realized that I boiled the apple cider in an aluminum pressure cooker. I have heard...

By Nellie Oehler