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Now accepting applications for the 2019 Master Gardener Volunteer Training and Horticultural Proficiency programs!!

The Master Gardener and Horticulture Proficiency program provides Oregonians with education about gardening and horticulture. Read more...
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Precision Agrilab

Producing quality results quickly is the primary objective at Precision Agri-Lab. To ensure accurate and precise data, we have implemented extensive quality control procedures. Daily QC procedures include running method blanks, duplicates, intra-laboratory control samples, and second source calibration verification samples.

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NC-140 Regional Rootstock Research Project

This project seeks to enhance economically and environmentally sustainable practices in temperate fruit production by focusing on rootstocks.

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I need a native alternative to my lawn. Any ideas?

I find what I enjoy to be contrary to what most people enjoy... a flat green grass lawn. However, I am uncertain what to do as a do-it-your-self, low-maintenance, NATIVE alternative. so I'm currently researching things like fountain grass borders, clover for a lawn alternative, things that do not...

By Signe Danler