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Range improvements: tools and methods to improve cattle distribution

Uneven grazing distribution patterns on rangeland can lead to overuse of forage in some areas and no use or waste of herbage in areas not visited by cattle. Range improvements affecting more even distribution of grazing utilization can increase pasture carrying capacity and allow stocking for extended periods. This article describes several science-based options for improving cattle grazing distribution in extensive rangeland pastures.


Where and When to Monitor Rangeland Health?

Dustin Johnson and Sergio Arispe discuss rangeland photo monitoring and related considerations for where and when to focus monitoring efforts.

By Dustin Johnson, Sergio Arispe


How Do You Photo Monitoring for Rangeland Health?

Dustin Johnson and Sergio Arispe discuss photo monitoring of rangelands and demonstrate a simple step-by-step process for establishing a permanent photo point.

By Dustin Johnson, Sergio Arispe

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Rangeland researchers advise smaller cows for better herd results

Mar 23, 2017
Larger cows not as efficient at weaning when there's not much to chew on

By Chris Branam
Mar 23, 2017

News Story

How much time do cattle spend in rangeland streams? Not so much, says OSU study

Dec 29, 2016
Now we have detailed data on how cattle use rangeland streams, says Williams

By Gail Wells
Dec 29, 2016

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