Estate and Succession Planning

Taking the Research on the Road: The Future of Oregon's Farmland


Almost two-thirds of Oregon’s agricultural land will be changing hands in the next two decades, but the vast majority of Oregon farmers and ranchers have not formalized plans to pass their land and...

Changing Lands, Changing Hands: Report From The National Conference


The United States is fortunate to have 50 state “laboratories” with unique programs and policies to sample from. Yet state practitioners seldom have the chance to learn deeply about their peers’ hard...

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Oregon Small Woodland Owner Association

Online Resource

Oregon Small Woodland Owner Association is an organization made up of Oregon small woodland owners who practice and believe in: the strength of peer to peer communication between landowners, the strength of a unified effort to address legislative and regulatory challenges, and the strength of partnerships in addressing and solving common problems.

My Land Plan

Online Resource

My Land Plan is a free online resource tool created by the American Forest Foundation that helps woodland owners get more out of their woods.

Ties to the Land

Online Resource

Ties to the Land focuses on succession planning, the human side of estate planning. The workshops focus on strategies to maintain family ties to the land from one generation to the next; building awareness of the key challenges facing family businesses; and motivating families to address the challenges. It is a facilitated and interactive workshop with DVD-based components that provides effective tools families can use to decide the future of their land.