Hazelnuts and Nut Crops

Growing Hazelnuts in the Pacific Northwest


A series of publications covering all aspects of hazelnut production.

A Basic Guide to Pruning Hazelnut Trees

Educational Document

Training is a term applied to trees from planting up to 4-5 years of age, and is used to encourage a strong tree structure capable of supporting heavy crops, and withstanding ice and snow loads.

Harvesting, Handling, and Storing Nuts from the Home Orchard


This publication describes the proper harvesting, handling, and storing of home grown orchard nuts. These nuts include Hazelnuts, Walnuts, and Chestnuts.

Sustainable Hazelnut Production: Filbertworm Control by Mating Disruption

OSU Extension Catalog

Filbertworm is the insect pest of greatest economic importance in Oregon hazelnut production. This publication explains how to Implement mating disruption as a strategy that will reduce damage caused by filbertworm feeding. A mating disruption strategy reduces pesticide applications and protects...

By Linda Brewer, Vaughn Walton

Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Testing Program

Online Resource

The primary purpose of the fruit and ornamental disease management testing program is to provide Oregon growers, Extension Faculty, and Field Representatives with unbiased information on the relative efficacy of fungicides, fungicide schedules or cultural practices for control of plant diseases. Treatments evaluated are not restricted to chemical fungicides and may involve use of cultural controls, biological controls and other innovative materials that show promise in controlling disease. Our objective is to broaden the scope of methods used to reduce crop loss due to diseases and to service the diverse management practices of Oregon growers. The results are compiled and sent to county agents, field people, company representatives, and to interested growers directly. The information gained from these trials is used to formulate disease control recommendations for Oregon's diverse agricultural crops.

By Jay Pscheidt

Propagating Shrubs, Vines, and Trees from Stem Cuttings

OSU Extension Catalog

Adding more greenery to your home landscape? Tired of buying so many trees and shrubs to do it? A possible alternative is to use stem cuttings from your current trees and shrubs to make more, a method known as asexual propagation. Designed for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, this publication...

Walnuts a key food to improve metabolism in obese mice

News Story

Aug 8, 2016
Adding other health-boosting foods increased benefits

By Gail Wells

Gather nuts frequently as they fall from the tree

News Story

Oct 9, 2015
With proper care, hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts should last through the winter

By Kym Pokorny

Cherry Training Systems

OSU Extension Catalog

This publication describes the seven major pruning systems used in commercial cherry tree orchards in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Michigan. Cherry growers around the world use many training systems, both supported and freestanding. This publication describes the commercially successful systems...

By Lynn Long

Sweet Cherry Orchard Establishment in the Pacific Northwest

OSU Extension Catalog

Regularly producing sustainable yields of high-quality cherries is possible only where site and other conditions are near optimal. This publication summarizes factors to consider when establishing a cherry orchard including orchard economics, site selection and optimization, plant material, orchard...

By Clive Kaiser, Lynn Long

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