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Nik Wiman

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Nik Wiman is a field-oriented biologist that has been active in agricultural science since 1998. Early in his career he worked on biological control of rangeland weeds in Montana, and he also spent a number of years working as a researcher in the apple and cherry industries of central Washington State. He has been employed at OSU since 2012 and has worked extensively on the invasive pest brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). Since 2015, he is the Willamette Valley Extension specialist for orchard crops and the lead Extension faculty for hazelnuts. Hazelnuts (filberts) are the most important orchard crop in the Willamette Valley, an area that not only produces almost all of the US crop, but is reknown around the world for the quality of nuts produced. There are more than 80,000 acres of hazelnuts in Oregon, with more than half of the acreage represented by orchards planted in the last ten years. Current research includes IPM for new and old hazelnut pests, hazelnut nutrition, hazelnut water use/irrigation, and cider apple production. Primary interests are population biology of insects, biological control of insects, sustainable orcharding, and grower outreach. Links of interest: Wiman Lab Blog OSU Hazelnut Facebook Orchard Crops OSU Hazelnut Extension Documents Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Report Hazelnut listserv (info for hazelnut growers) Orchards listserv (info for tree fruit growers). Nik can can also advise graduate students through the Department of Horticulture in applied entomology, orchard ecology, and hazelnut production.

Content by Nik Wiman

Cultural Control Strategies to Manage Spotted-wing Drosophila

Cultural controls can reduce spotted-wing drosophila population pressure by modifying the microclimate within the crop so that the environment does not promote SWD reproduction and survival.

Dalila Rendon, Linda Brewer, Nik Wiman, Vaughn Walton | Dec 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

How Seasons Affect Population Structure, Behavior and Risk on Spotted-wing Drosophila

Temperatures do affect how quickly SWD reproduce, see how temperatures affect their life cycle.

Vaughn Walton, Linda Brewer, Dalila Rendon, Nik Wiman | Dec 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Hazelnut IPM

Resources about integrated pest management for hazelnuts.

Nik Wiman, Vaughn Walton, Jay Pscheidt, Marcelo Moretti, David Lowenstein, Heather Andrews, Rachele Nieri | May 2019 | Collection

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

Information and resources about the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), an invasive

Nik Wiman, Rick Hilton, Clive Kaiser, Vaughn Walton, Rachel Suits, David Lowenstein, Victoria Skillman, Heather Andrews | Dec 2018 | Collection

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