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Greener Pastures: Improving Forage Production

Every summer we see many of our fields dry up and turn brown. We think about the previous season’s forage and wonder if we could have done better. The anticipation of fall rains brings thoughts of improving on what we have. What should we do?

By Shelby Filley, | Article

Grass is King: Protect the Crown

The largest agricultural commodity in Oregon is grass. We grow grass for lawns, turf, pastures, hay, straw, and seed for home use and export. Forages (grasses and legumes) are an important source of livestock feed, and because our area has a high production capacity, we have a competitive advantage over other parts of the world that depend heavily on imported hay and grains to raise livestock. Our forage is a renewable resource – but only if we manage it correctly.

By Shelby Filley, | Article

New Seeds for an Old Pasture

You’ve decided you want to re-seed your pasture or hay ground, but you are not sure what to plant, when to plant it, and if there is anything you should do before spreading seed over the ground.

By Shelby Filley, | Article

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OSU researchers propose CRISPR as influencer of low genetic diversity in deadly bacteria

Oct 18, 2018
Scientists at Oregon State University have shed light on the evolutionary history of a soil-borne bacteria that is so dangerous to grazing animals it is kept behind lock-and-key to prevent its spread.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Rangeland researchers advise smaller cows for better herd results

Mar 23, 2017
Larger cows not as efficient at weaning when there's not much to chew on

By Chris Branam | News Story

OSU’s new barley varieties appeal to brewers, bakers and bovines

Sep 3, 2015
One is a food-type barley that could also be great for beer

By Gail Wells | News Story

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Is smoke stunting pasture growth?

I'm noting a reduction in the growth of our grass in the pasture. It has slowed down noticeably over the past month. This slowdown is more than normal due to increased temperatures of August. I was wondering if the smoke is having a filtering effect on the light that reaches the ground, particularly...

By Mylen Bohle | Featured Question