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Weeds in Pastures and Hayground

Here is a collection of our favorite resources for weeds in pastures and hay ground. It includes sections on aquatic weed, OSU resources, Pesticide/Herbicide, Poisonous Plants, Weed Control, and Noxious and invasive weeds.


Forages - hay and pasture collection

This collection has information on soil testing and ferilizing, renovation. forage management , hay, irrigation, feeding values, forage types, forage anti-quality factors, leasing pastures and more.

By Shelby Filley, | Collection

Benefits to Belonging to an Agriculture Organization

Several Agricultural and Forestry associations are available for producers to join. I think it’s extremely important for producers to get connected with at least one association so they do not get...

By Shelby Filley, | Article

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Is smoke stunting pasture growth?

I'm noting a reduction in the growth of our grass in the pasture. It has slowed down noticeably over the past month. This slowdown is more than normal due to increased temperatures of August. I was wondering if the smoke is having a filtering effect on the light that reaches the ground, particularly...

By Mylen Bohle | Featured Question