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Applying Adaptive Grazing Management

Grazing management requires flexibility to adapt to ever-changing climatic conditions, and changes in grazing management for public lands may be required because of endangered or threatened species. In adaptive grazing management, grazing decisions are evaluated in a continuous loop by using...


IPM Insect Pests of Wheat

Presentation by Steve Van Vleet, Washington State University, Whitman County Extension

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OSU researchers propose CRISPR as influencer of low genetic diversity in deadly bacteria

Oct 18, 2018
Scientists at Oregon State University have shed light on the evolutionary history of a soil-borne bacteria that is so dangerous to grazing animals it is kept behind lock-and-key to prevent its spread.

By Chris Branam
Oct 18, 2018

News Story

Rangeland researchers advise smaller cows for better herd results

Mar 23, 2017
Larger cows not as efficient at weaning when there's not much to chew on

By Chris Branam
Mar 23, 2017

News Story

New OSU leaders appointed at eastern Oregon’s agricultural research stations

Jul 1, 2016
Bohnert will oversee research and Kennedy will guide OSU-EOU agriculture education

By Gail Wells
Jul 1, 2016

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Is smoke stunting pasture growth?

I'm noting a reduction in the growth of our grass in the pasture. It has slowed down noticeably over the past month. This slowdown is more than normal due to increased temperatures of August. I was wondering if the smoke is having a filtering effect on the light that reaches the ground, particularly...

By Mylen Bohle