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Content by Shelby Filley

Examples of swine and carcass grades

This presentation shows examples of slaughter swine and carcasses to go along with the official USDA descriptions from their websites on Slaughter Swine and Carcass Grades (

Shelby Filley | Mar 2021 | Presentation

Hay Feeding Value and Protein Supplementation - David Bohnert and Shelby Filley

In this video, Dr. Bohnert and Dr. Filley discuss hay evaluation for beef cattle feeding as well as protein supplementation strategies. Other resources from presentation: Slides Oregon Forage Library Beef Nutrition Workbook Forage Evaluation OSU Cowculator Software OSU Cowculator Instructions

David Bohnert, Shelby Filley | Jan 2021 | Video

Value of Sheep Footrot Vaccination

In 1999 I cooperated with a pharmaceutical company and two Douglas County sheep producers for FDA re-certification of a footrot vaccine. Results were reported to the corporation and at county educational programs. Due to ...

Shelby Filley | Dec 2020 | Article

Biological control of weeds

Biological control is a form of weed control that uses a living agent to control weeds. A bio control agent can be insects, fungus, or grazing animals. A good bio control "bug" never completely destroys its plant host, but...

Shelby Filley | Sep 2020 | Article

Animal unit month for pastures

Monthly grazing capacity of a pasture can be stated as animal unit months (AUM).

Shelby Filley | Jul 2020 | Article

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