OSU Extension Advisory and Advocacy Groups

Strong program advisory input and legislative advocacy efforts from the stakeholders and communities we serve are vital to helping OSU Extension fulfill our mission.

Extension Community Advisory Network (ECAN)

ECAN members are volunteers who provide advice and counsel to the Vice Provost of Extension and Engagement/Director of the OSU Extension Service regarding current and future direction of programmatic efforts for OSU Extension.

Membership consists of:

  • Representatives from Oregon’s counties as determined by the director.
  • One western Oregon county commissioner.
  • One eastern Oregon county commissioner.
  • One representative from each OSU Extension program area: 4-H, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Community Health, Forestry and Natural Resources, Open Campus, Outdoor School and Sea Grant.

For more information, contact Kim Tarrant, executive assistant to the vice provost.

Local advisory councils

Community member involvement is essential at all levels of OSU Extension. Local advisory councils help Extension professionals and administration identify needs and interests of stakeholders and provide advice for the direction OSU Extension programs.

Every county in the state with an established OSU Extension presence shall have an advisory council appointed from communities of peoples that are reflective of the local communities within the county. OSU Extension’s federal partner, USDA-NIFA, requires demographic representation in terms of gender, race and ethnicity in all Extension advisory councils.

For more information about the advisory council that serves OSU Extension in your area, contact your regional director.

Director’s Advocacy Cabinet (DAC)

Director’s Advocacy Cabinet members are volunteers who advocate on behalf of OSU Extension with elected officials, government agencies, key state and local groups and individuals.

Membership consists of:

  • Three individuals per OSU Extension administrative region, including one youth or young adult member (such as a 4-H ambassador or Open Campus/Juntos participant).
  • At-large members as determined by the OSU Extension director.

For more information, contact Kim Tarrant, executive assistant to the vice provost.

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