OSU Extension Service Internship Program

About the program

The goal of the OSU Extension Service Internship Program is to provide a meaningful service-learning experience in one of OSU Extension’s 35 county locations. Interns will benefit from this unique internship environment and will grow from the mentoring offered by the Extension staff and from what they learn from the communities they serve. The student interns will:

  • have a unique, community-based learning opportunity
  • learn about the Extension Service and our land grant mission
  • have the opportunity to be a valued team member and contribute to programming by sharing their new perspectives and diverse ideas and energy
  • learn while they co-create impactful solutions that will be delivered locally and directly to beneficiaries

Summer internship opportunities

Extension internship applications are announced early each year (mid-February) with deadlines typically in March or April. If they are currently open, you will see an announcement on the About Extension page.

Extension Student Interns

This recruitment is used to fill multiple part-time (a maximum of 40 hours per week during the summer) Extension Student Intern positions for the Extension Offices at Oregon State University (OSU). Internships are located in specific counties each summer.

Extension Communications Student Intern

This internship position is used to fill one part-time (a maximum of 40 hours per week during the summer) Extension Communications Student Intern position for the Extension Communications unit at Oregon State University (OSU). The internship is based in Corvallis, Oregon with travel statewide connected with duties.

Frequently asked questions

What is the OSU Extension Service?

Oregon State University Extension is the go-to resource for the expertise and knowledge every Oregonian needs to live healthy lives, nurture our great state’s ecosystems, and play a vital role in Oregon’s vibrant communities. We’re partnering with people in every county and helping them thrive every day—just as we have done for more than 100 years. Learn more about OSU Extension and our history.

Who should apply?

While traditional alignment between academic majors such as Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, Fisheries, Public Health, and Education exist, we encourage students from a broad range of academic programs of study to apply to our internships.

Students from all universities and community colleges may apply. Each year we have students from OSU, our community college partners, and universities out of state.

Preference may be given to students choosing internship opportunities in their home counties as this eliminates the need to provide housing.

Students can come from a variety of academic majors as Extension serves our communities in many diverse ways. Our Extension faculty work in program areas which include: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, community and public health, nutrition, youth development, tourism, workforce development, outdoor recreation, small business/market development, disaster preparedness, and communications.

All interested students are encouraged to apply.

Will interns receive academic credit for this internship?

Interns are encouraged to seek academic credit for their internship experience and should check with their college internship coordinator about the possibility of arranging academic credit for their internship. OSU Extension supports, but does not manage the academic credits process.

What are OSU’s student internship eligibility requirements?

To work 40 hours in the summer, students need to be taking less than 6 credits during the summer term. This becomes their “term off” which allows them to work the 40 hours.

College/university students must have taken 6+ credits in the Spring term and must be taking 6+ credits in the Fall term to be eligible for. International students must be taking 12+ credits in the Spring and Fall.

Graduating college seniors are eligible if they are enrolled for a graduate program in the fall.

High school students are eligible for the internship if they are continuously enrolled or have a letter of acceptance to a community college or university in the fall.

What are my responsibilities as an intern?

Interns are expected to contribute to the Extension educational programs in the resident unit.

Interns will work with Extension program and office staff to coordinate and implement hands-on, educational program events and activities.

Interns will participate in meetings where local issues are identified and prioritized, and program results and plans are discussed.

Interns will assist in preparations for planned events and activities by gathering information, assembling materials, contacting participants, and soliciting support from external sources. As appropriate, conducts the teaching, training, or other program presentations.

Interns will seek information from mentors and colleagues regarding the history, purpose and mission of the Oregon State University Extension Service.

In some cases, interns may identify and develop a value-added process, program, or training tool that may be implemented within the hosting unit’s current operations. This contribution should provide a substantial addition to the intern’s resume as practical and applicable work experience.

Interns will maintain a log, blog, or journal, as outlined by the Internship Coordinator, outlining internship experiences in order to complete the required record of internship. Completes and submits record of internship at the conclusion of the internship.

Have a great summer!

How are intern selections made?

Interested students will apply to the OSU Jobs website. Internship candidates will rank order their top counties in addition to entering their home county (if living in Oregon). Applications are matched to participating counties based upon interest and opportunities available. Participating counties will review the candidates and select an alternate and primary student. When selections are complete and position are filled, students will be notified.

OSU students may be reviewed by the College Internship Coordinators and the Extension Internship Coordinator to check that applicants meet the basic qualifications if applying for internship for credit.

What are the work hours and duration of the program?

Interns should expect to work 40 hours per week. Based on the type of programming supported, the work hours may include evenings and weekends. Prospective interns will be made aware of this requirement prior to their final acceptance into the program. Interns will not be asked to work beyond the scope of their sponsoring Extension staff member.

Are all internships in the summer?

This internship is generally a summer program with the interns starting at their assigned counties in mid-June and finishing by the end of August or first week of September. Shorter internships will have the flexibility to slide the internship window. The intern will have the same holiday and work schedule as their County Internship Sponsor. Some counties may offer 20 hour/week internships during an academic term.

How much will interns be paid?

Interns will be paid on average $15 per hour (range varies) for 40 hours per week during the summer. This is funded by the participating county.

Is an interns' work-related travel expenses covered?

Any work-related travel expenses, other than travel to and from work, will be paid by OSU Extension.

Will interns' living expenses be covered during the internship?

No, there are no funds available to help with living expenses in the counties. However, if you are not able to live at home and work, your County Internship Sponsor counties may be able to assist you in finding local living arrangements.

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