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Season Extension Structures

A slides presentation on season-extension structures.

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Pacific Northwest nursery IPM

The PNW Nursery IPM Website is designed to be dynamic, allowing growers and pest management professionals to give and receive information regarding pest activities in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. Whenever possible, we will provide links and further information for growers on particular pests.

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Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops

Integrated pest management for greenhouse crops is complex, and each problem situation or production objective is accompanied by a wide range of potentially acceptable solutions. There are also a great many legal implications regarding the recommendations and use of any management tactic or pesticide product in accordance to instructions specified on the product's label. The user of any pesticide is always responsible for his or her own actions. The following are some general considerations for the development of an integrated pest management program for commercial production or maintenance systems.

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OSU plant pathologists discover unusual evolutionary transition in common bacteria

Dec 12, 2017
It’s the “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” in a nursery setting

By Chris Branam

News Story

OSU research leads to detection method for crown gall disease

Jul 10, 2017
A dipstick reveals the presence of the disease within minutes

By Chris Branam

News Story

OSU to study diseases affecting common nursery plants

Nov 24, 2014
Grant will help in fight against bacterial pathogens

By Peg Herring

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