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Higiene en el campo

Este video muestra cómo limpiar y desinfectar adecuadamente el equipo de campo. Los espectadores también entenderán las amenazas que el agua estancada y los animales representan para la seguridad de los alimentos.

Jun 2020 | Video

Breeding Christmas Trees

Oregon produces over 4.5 million Christmas trees. Chal Landgren researches Christmas trees in the Willamette Valley at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center. The goal isn’t to create picture-perfect Christmas trees. ...

Chal Landgren | Dec 2019 | Video

Hardy Succulents and Companion Plants in the Willamette Valley

List of hardy succulents and companion plants for the Willamette Valley

Smith | Mar 2019 | Article

Season Extension Structures

A slides presentation on season-extension structures.

Jeremy S. Cowen | Oct 2018 | Presentation

A Farmer Should Not Be In Regular Pain!

Do you feel the aches and pains everyday? It is possible to keep your back and joints healthy when farming and prevent the consequences that come with musculoskeletal disorders.

Teagan Moran | Oct 2018 | Article