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My pond has become a fly nursery. How can I get rid of them?

I have a 4 year old 12,000 gallon koi pond with a large waterfall. I went to clean the waterfall filters and add barley hay for the algae last weekend only to find thousands, maybe millions, of black fly larvae. I scraped the waterfall as best I could and turned the waterfall back on. The koi...

By Will Jessie | Featured Question

Why is our lizard roommate hanging around?

In Astoria, a lizard frequently finds its way into our ground-level apartment, coming in through the adjacent garage. It's been relocated to various places several yards away, and within a week or so, it's back. We're here twice a year for a total of about four to five months each year, and at least...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

Should I start wintering my flowers?

I live in Eugene and I’m wondering when I can winterize my geraniums and begonias??

By Ross Penhallegon, | Featured Question

I had a jam apocalypse, what happened?

I made uncooked freezer jam from blackberries in my yard. I put the prepared jam in jars, placed lids but not too tight with 1/2 headspace. After letting them sit on the counter for 24 hrs ( for the pectin to set) the jam was seeping out of the lids and when I unscrewed the lid the jam almost popped...

By Joy Waite-Cusic, | Featured Question

Can I turn dirt into lawn by spring, is that possible?

We are finally moving into our new home. Due to construction issues (lack of water and vehicle damage) most of the grass has died back and there are areas of just dirt. 1. Is there any variety of grass that I can plant now that will grow in the winter? 2. What would be the best material to cover...

By Alec Kowalewski, | Featured Question

Is steam canning safe?

What is the latest on the water bath vs steam canning? New thoughts? New methods? Reasons why? My husband wants to switch to steam canning. I am willing to listen. It should be mentioned that I am almost 70 and he is almost 80. I started canning with my grandmother when I was about 9 so we are not...

By Kelly Streit, | Featured Question

Does this web pest need reported?

I found a tent web in my tree in West Linn Clackamas this weekend. Someone suggested I report it as apparently it can spread. I contacted Clackamas county and they suggested I contact you. Is this something I should be concerned about?

By Jack Shorr | Featured Question

Are roadside blackberries safe?

I live next to highway twenty, and perhaps because no one wants to pick on the side of a busy road, but that's where I find the biggest blackberries in town. However, I think the Department of Transportation may spray herbicides along roads to prevent overgrowth. How is this application done? Is it...

By Kaci Buhl, | Featured Question

Should I worry about the cyanide in lima beans?

I've purchased yellow "butter beans" immature in the pods from a local farm stand. They are very good. But I just learned that lima beans have (or convert into) cyanide and so mature beans require long cooking to remove this "protective mechanism" that beans of this sort have evolved. My question is...

By Joy Waite-Cusic, | Featured Question

Is my thirsty evergreen a goner?

See picture taken in Aloha, Oregon. Can these trees be saved?

By Amy Grotta, | Featured Question