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Temps are dropping should I change the diet for my bees?

Q: I obtained my bees after most of the nectar flow so are needing all the help they can get in obtaining stores to get themselves through the winter. I have been feeding the 2:1 sugar syrup and they have made major gains in the stores they have but could use more. The bees are still flying on some days and are accessing the sugar syrup I offer them. Is there ...

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My spring bulbs are sprouting now in November, what should I do?

Q: I have crocus blooming, daffodils and bearded iris sprouting in my yard. Will they retain enough energy to grow next spring when they are supposed to? Will I need to feed them extra at some point? When?

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"Poke Salad Annie" alive and well in Oregon?

Q: My dog has been sick a few times and I found this plant with berries in my back yard. Trying to identify it but having trouble. Think it is a night shade type but just does not look like examples on internet . Can you help ??  

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How can I naturally kill dandelions?

Q: Is there a solution I can spray on dandelions instead of pulling them up? Not Roundup.... does vinegar, dawn soap and Epson salts work? Or is there a better one?

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So many yellow needles, is my tree dying?

Q: I have had this fir in my front yard for 15 years and have never seen the needles turn yellow in this manner. We have not made any changes to the trees environment. Is this something that I need to get treated? Would be so sad to see the tree succumb to disease.

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How true is the Fox News story about dying trees in Lane County?

Q: Drought was stated as what caused the trees' death, only dying pine trees were pictured. No mention of the boring insects that kill pine trees, was that omission intentional? No pictures of dying deciduous trees either. I have seen dead pine trees in peoples' yards where their lawn is nice and green - they water the lawn and trees - yet the tree is dead. Is drought or boring insects the reason for so many dead pine trees in Lane County? 

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My pond has become a fly nursery. How can I get rid of them?

Q: I have a 4 year old 12,000 gallon koi pond with a large waterfall. I went to clean the waterfall filters and add barley hay for the algae last weekend only to find thousands, maybe millions, of black fly larvae. I scraped the waterfall as best I could and turned the waterfall back on. The koi enjoyed a meal but when I turned off the waterfall the next day, ...

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Why is our lizard roommate hanging around?

Q: In Astoria, a lizard frequently finds its way into our ground-level apartment, coming in through the adjacent garage. It's been relocated to various places several yards away, and within a week or so, it's back. We're here twice a year for a total of about four to five months each year, and at least twice have found skin it has shed. Do you have any idea what it is and what it is looking for inside the house?

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Should I start wintering my flowers?

Q: I live in Eugene and I’m wondering when I can winterize my geraniums and begonias??

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I had a jam apocalypse, what happened?

Q: I made uncooked freezer jam from blackberries in my yard. I put the prepared jam in jars, placed lids but not too tight with 1/2 headspace. After letting them sit on the counter for 24 hrs ( for the pectin to set) the jam was seeping out of the lids and when I unscrewed the lid the jam almost popped out like an oozing volcano. No odor and I foolishly tasted...

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