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Surf Your Watershed

Online Resource

Surf Your Watershed (SYW) has provided simple access to a rich collection of watershed information since its release more than 20 years ago. SYW has recently been decommissioned because of technology migration and related security issues.

Mosquito Control Using Outdoor Automated Misting Systems


With the recent announcements that West Nile Virus has been discovered in Oregon, there has been discussion concerning ways to control mosquitoes. One such system that has been developed is to use...

By Brian Tuck

Household Arthropods


Guidelines & Principles; Groups of pests: Public health pests, Nuisance, Household, Structural pests

Furniture Carpet Beetle


This beetle is one of the most common pests of dry organic materials found in homes and warehouses.

Home Moisture Problems

OSU Extension Catalog

Explains indoor and outdoor causes of moisture, drainage problems and how to fix them, symptoms of wood decay, and the basics of ventilation and dehumidification.

Healthy Home Partnership

Online Resource

This website provides resources to help identify and respond to hidden household hazards that can impact your health. Home health hazards include asthma triggers such as mold, lead-based paint, radon, pests, injury dangers and poor indoor air quality. Anyone can suffer from housing-related illnesses and injury; however certain groups such as children, the elderly, low-income or individuals with chronic illness are more at risk.

Mold Control: Home Inspection Checklist


Guidelines for inspecting your home for sources of moisture and steps for control.

By Jeanne Brandt, Susan Busler

Stamp Out Mold in Your Home

Fact Sheet

One page flyer with helpful hints for stamping out mold in your home.

By Jeanne Brandt

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