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Why is my patio turning black?

My pergola and wooden fence, even rocks and stone are getting black residue. Is it mold?

By Diana Rohlman, PhD | Featured Question

Winter Storm Damage Checklist

After winter storms, check around your home and apartment for possible leaks that can lead to mold in the future.

By Susan Busler, | Article

Mold Control: Home Inspection Checklist

Guidelines for inspecting your home for sources of moisture and steps for control.

By Jeanne Brandt, Susan Busler, | Article

Care and maintenance of wood shingle and shake roofs

Maintenance is essential for the performance of wood roofs. Roofs need to be regularly cleaned of all leaf litter, conifer needles, and debris to limit the growth of organisms such as mosses and lichens. Cleaning solutions, surface treatments, fungal and moss control materials are also discussed.

By Jeff Morrell | Article

Mosquito Control Using Outdoor Automated Misting Systems

With the recent announcements that West Nile Virus has been discovered in Oregon, there has been discussion concerning ways to control mosquitoes. One such system that has been developed is to use...

By Brian Tuck, | Article

Household Arthropods

Guidelines & Principles; Groups of pests: Public health pests, Nuisance, Household, Structural pests

By Jean Natter | Presentation

Furniture Carpet Beetle

This beetle is one of the most common pests of dry organic materials found in homes and warehouses.

By Jessica Green, , | Article

Stamp Out Mold in Your Home

One page flyer with helpful hints for stamping out mold in your home.

By Jeanne Brandt, | Fact Sheet

Stay on top of moisture and insect damage or pay the price

Nov 8, 2017
An annual inspection helps keep house in top shape

By Kym Pokorny | News Story