Logan Bennett


Small Farms and Master Gardener Program Coordinator

Contact for Farming and Gardening Questions in Douglas County

Expertise: Poultry and rabbits , Berries, table grapes and kiwifruit , Fruit trees , Hazelnuts and nut crops , Organic agriculture , Soil , Wine grapes , Berries and fruit , Integrated pest management

Programs: Southern Oregon Small Farms

Locations: Douglas County

Links: Join the Douglas County Small Farms Newsletter


Logan graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management and a master’s degree in Soil Science. His thesis work focused on finding sustainable alternatives to soil fumigation as a way control and neutralize Phytophthora species, including Phytophthora ramourm (sudden oak death), using a method called soil solarization. Logan worked in the agricultural sector as a crop scout and agronomist for two years. He focused on working with growers in permanent cropping systems. In this capacity, Logan consulted on integrated pest management (IPM), pesticide and fertilizer recommendations, and cultural practices to maximize crop yield and return on grower investment. Logan also spent much of his time in the field, scouting crops for insect pests, fungal diseases, and important crop growth stages. Logan worked in crops such as blueberries, cane berries, hops and cherries. Logan has also worked with organic row crops with the Oregon State Organic Growers Club, and specialty crops in organic and conventional systems.

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