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Dr. Dusti Linnell is an Associate Professor (Practice) for Extension Family and Community Health. Extension Family and Community Health partners with communities to enhance health and wellness. We promote changes that help individuals and communities thrive. We implement science-based programs for people at every stage of life. Our health programs include physical activity, nutrition, parenting education, and food preservation and safety and behavioral health.

Dusti's work at OSU has included technical assistance and support to community coalitions to help communities improve community health outcomes and health equity. She provides education programs on a variety of health topics. She also promotes population-level behavioral health through training and technical assistance as part of the Coast to Forest project funded by SAMHSA and USDA NIFA.

Prior to joining OSU, Dusti worked with University of California, Davis Cooperative Extension, UC CalFresh, and the Center for Nutrition in Schools, where she worked in partnership with Cooperative Extension educators and schools across California to make changes in school classrooms, lunchrooms, and policies to promote nutritional health and food security.

Dusti earned a BS in nutrition science and PhD in nutritional biology from the University of California, Davis. Prior to earning these degrees, she worked in the technology sector in marketing and communications.

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