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OSU releases new, antioxidant-rich purple tomato

“We were selecting for a really dark Indigo-type processing tomato,” Myers said. “Ultimately, we got a really nice one."

Kym Pokorny | Apr 9, 2021 | News story

Dry Farming Project adapts with virtual programming during pandemic

The first Dry Farming Project virtual field tour series was held as harvest came in August and September and drew 137 participants from throughout Oregon, across the country and some internationally.

Amy Garrett | Mar 2021 | Impact story

OSU Extension gives away seeds for Grow This! Garden Challenge

Grow This! Oregon Garden Challenge kicks off March 1 when people can sign up and start preparing to collect their seed kits at the end of March.

Kym Pokorny | Feb 25, 2021 | News story

OSU's Croptime helps farmers plant veggies at the right time

Accurate timing of planting keeps vegetable farming profitable and sustainable

Leonard Coop | Feb 2021 | Impact story

Learn the terms on seed packets to make the right selection

Understanding terms associated with seeds will help you pinpoint which selections best serve specific gardens and practices.

Kym Pokorny | Jan 22, 2021 | News story

Vegetable Degree-day Models: An Introduction for Farmers and Gardeners

Degree-days measure the amount of heat accumulated over time. Researchers have used years of this data to develop models that help farmers and gardeners predict harvest dates and other important events in select crops and weeds....

Nick Andrews, Leonard Coop, Heather Stoven, Heidi Noordijk, Aaron Heinrich | Jan 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

Malheur County Virtual Field Tours

This collection of virtual field tours includes information about ongoing applied research at the Malheur Experiment Station, as well as visits to local farms that are experimenting with new practices.

Christy Tanner, Joel Felix, Erik Feibert | Aug 2020 | Collection

Malheur Experiment Station Virtual Field Tour - Controlling Glyphosate Resistant Weeds in Sugarbeets

Learn about an applied research project that is testing herbicides for the control of glyphosate resistant weeds in sugarbeets.

Christy Tanner, Joel Felix | Aug 2020 | Video

Malheur Experiment Station Virtual Field Tour - Sonalan Tank Mixes for Weed Control in Potato

Learn about an applied research project evaluating tank mixes of the herbicide Sonalan for controlling weeds in potato.

Christy Tanner, Joel Felix | Aug 2020 | Video