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Malheur County Virtual Field Tours

This collection of virtual field tours includes information about ongoing applied research at the Malheur Experiment Station, as well as visits to local farms that are experimenting with new practices.

Christy Tanner, Joel Felix, Erik Feibert | Aug 2020 | Collection

Malheur Experiment Station Virtual Field Tour - Controlling Glyphosate Resistant Weeds in Sugarbeets

Learn about an applied research project that is testing herbicides for the control of glyphosate resistant weeds in sugarbeets.

Christy Tanner, Joel Felix | Aug 2020 | Video

Malheur Experiment Station Virtual Field Tour - Sonalan Tank Mixes for Weed Control in Potato

Learn about an applied research project evaluating tank mixes of the herbicide Sonalan for controlling weeds in potato.

Christy Tanner, Joel Felix | Aug 2020 | Video

Onion Response to Talinor Herbicide - A Virtual Field Tour

A Malheur Experiment Station virtual field tour. Weed Scientist Joel Felix discusses a field trial evaluating the herbicide Talinor for use in onions.

Christy Tanner | Aug 2020 | Video

Malheur Experiment Station Virtual Field Tour - Potato Variety Trial

Every year the Malheur Experiment Station evaluates new varieties of potatoes that are being developed for production in the Pacific Northwest. This trial is part of the Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding Program, a ...

Christy Tanner, Erik Feibert | Jul 2020 | Video

Tomato lovers: Grow the best by recognizing and solving common problems

Brooke Edmunds troubleshoots the common problems that might afflict your tomatoes as the season goes on.

Kym Pokorny | Jun 26, 2020 | News story

High Speed Hand Washing - Adult Workplace/COVID-19 Mini-Poster, color bilingual

Adult Workplace/COVID-19 Mini-Poster, color, bilingual.

Lauren Kraemer, Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

Onion cost of production in Eastern Oregon and Idaho

These enterprise budget resources cover the costs associated with producing onions in the Treasure Valley. The PDF document covers how costs were estimated and the Excel workbook allows you to adjust costs to better match your operation. 

Jun 2020 | Collection

Add-on Exercise on Water Infiltration for PSA Module 5.2 Ag Water (V1.2)

The intent of the exercise is for PSA grower course trainees to witness the impact of water infiltration in produce, consider produce safety implications related to post-harvest water quality and think about the importance of managing postharvest water quality.

Jovana Kovacevic, Joy Waite-Cusic, Rebecca Bland | May 2020 | Presentation