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Early detection and warning newsletter of insect pest activity trends, to support Oregon's processed vegetable industry


Grafting is a Biological Disease Management Strategy

Grafting is an age-old technique used in plant propagation to combine two plants so that one plant provides a desirable rootstock and the other provides desirable fruit characteristics (Fig. 1). While...

By Carol Miles | Article

Soil Nitrate Testing for Willamette Valley Vegetable Production

A soil nitrate test measures the concentration of nitrate in the soil at a specific moment in time, including nitrate originating from organic inputs, fertilizer, and soil organic matter. This publication describes how to use in-season soil nitrate testing to adjust sidedress N fertilizer...

By Dan Sullivan, Ed Peachey, Aaron Heinrich, Linda Brewer, Nick Andrews | OSU Extension Catalog

Winter Squash Storage Handout

OSU 2015 Buttercup/Kabocha Project - Alex Stone (OSU Vegetable Cropping Systems Specialist)

By Alexandra Stone, | Fact Sheet