High Speed Hand Washing Adult Workplace Training Video (COVID-19)


Introducing the high-speed handwashing method. It saves time, water, energy, and helps prevent the spread of disease. We begin by lining up at the sink six feet away from each other. The first person turns on the water to a low setting, wets their hands, gives them a shake, and gets some soap. Then they move to the end of the line while lathering up, followed by the next person, staying six feet away from others. Continue scrubbing your hands as you move forward in line, washing palms, the back of hands, wrists, between fingers, thumbs, and nail beds. Getting back to the sink, rinse well, grab a paper towel as you walk away from the sink, dry your hands, then throw the paper towel in the trash.

Use the high-speed handwashing method at the beginning of shifts and after breaks each day. With practice, your team will get more efficient and confident that everyone is contributing to the safety of the food we handle and our own well-being.

This one-minute training video can be used by farmers, food production and packing plant managers and supervisors to train employees in the High Speed Hand Washing method. Employees can wash their hands quickly and thoroughly at the beginning of shifts or after breaks. Precautions for COVID-19 are included.

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