Lizann Powers-Hammond, Carolyn A. Raab and Sandra M. McCurdy
PNW 172 | Revised September 2011


Canning can be a great way to get full benefit from your garden vegetables. When prepared properly, foods will retain their nutrients and flavor. Done improperly, they can kill, cause serious illness, or just plain taste bad. This bulletin is designed to support the home canner with information necessary to select equipment, prepare and pack appropriate amounts, seal, cool, and store vegetables. Includes a handy guide to processing methods for most commonly canned vegetables, plus some advice on what not to can.

About the authors

Lizann Powers-Hammond
Area Educator
Washington State University Extension
Carolyn A. Raab
Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist
Oregon State University
Sandra M. McCurdy
Food Safety Specialist
University of Idaho

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