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Do soaked grains have more nutrients?

I recall learning that soaking grains before cooking them and using the water in the cooking is a good way to gain more nourishment than cooking without soaking. Please write details about soaking millet especially.

By Patty Case, | Featured Question

Foods That Do Not Freeze Well - SP 50-766

This fact sheet provides a list of foods with usual use and condition after thawing.

Fact Sheet

Jams, Jellies, and Preserves with No Added Pectin - SP 50-777

When making jams, jellies, and preserves from fruits that contain natural pectin, it’s not necessary to add additional pectin. This publication provides basic steps for making fruit spreads without added pectin.


Low Sugar Jams & Jellies/Fruit Spreads - SP 50-765

Low and no sugar jams and jellies are becoming very popular as people are changing their diets and reducing their intake of sugar. This publication gives tips on how to make low sugar jams, jellies and fruit spreads.


Uncooked Freezer Jam - SP 50-763

Freezer jams are prepared without cooking. The consistency of the jam is not dependent on the cooking process. They are easy to make and use little equipment.


Dates on Food Products

Dates on food labels help you judge how long the product will be at top quality (good flavor, texture, odor and nutritional value).

Fact Sheet

Are one piece lids approved?

Are one piece lids approved for water bath canning? I was wanting to switch to one piece plastisol lined canning lids for jam- the continuous thread type not lug. are they acceptable for products sold at farmer's markets or at our farm store?

By Sara Runkel, | Featured Question

How do I turn my grapes into raisins?

I want to know the steps to make raisins from grapes I have grown.

By Nellie Oehler, | Featured Question

Is canning with fresh lemon juice a safety risk?

I used fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice for canning salsa in water bath. is that ok?

By Jeanne Brandt, | Featured Question