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I had a jam apocalypse, what happened?

Sep 2019
I made uncooked freezer jam from blackberries in my yard. I put the prepared jam in jars, placed lids but not too tight with 1/2 headspace. After letting them sit on the counter for 24 hrs ( for the pectin to set) the jam was seeping out of the lids and when I unscrewed the lid the jam almost popped out like an oozing volcano. No odor and I foolishly tasted...

By Joy Waite-Cusic | Featured Question

Is steam canning safe?

Sep 2019
What is the latest on the water bath vs steam canning? New thoughts? New methods? Reasons why? My husband wants to switch to steam canning. I am willing to listen. It should be mentioned that I am almost 70 and he is almost 80. I started canning with my grandmother when I was about 9 so we are not exactly new comers to home preservation. 

By Kelly Streit | Featured Question

2019 Food Preservation County Resource List

Aug 2019
Information about where to get your pressure gauge tested in each county.


Preserving Fruit Juices and Apple Cider - SP50-455

Jul 2019
Publication includes information on how to preserve fruit juices and apple cider, including preparing, pasteurizing and canning.


OSU’s food preservation hotline opens July 15

Jul 10, 2019
Get your questions answered by OSU experts.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Using Steam Canners - SP50-1005

Jun 2019
Naturally high acid foods maybe processed in either a boiling water canner or a steam canner; i.e., fruits, jams, jellies, and pickles. For years steam canners were not recommended but recent research has provided directions for their safe use.


Fruit Pie Fillings - SP50-616

Feb 2019
Canned fruit fillings are a time saver for year around pie making. The fillings may also be used as toppings on desserts.


Do soaked grains have more nutrients?

Apr 2019
I recall learning that soaking grains before cooking them and using the water in the cooking is a good way to gain more nourishment than cooking without soaking. Please write details about soaking millet especially.

By Patty Case | Featured Question

Foods That Do Not Freeze Well - SP 50-766

Feb 2019
This fact sheet provides a list of foods with usual use and condition after thawing.

Fact Sheet

Jams, Jellies, and Preserves with No Added Pectin - SP 50-777

Feb 2019
When making jams, jellies, and preserves from fruits that contain natural pectin, it’s not necessary to add additional pectin. This publication provides basic steps for making fruit spreads without added pectin.