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BEPA 2.0

BEPA 2.0 is a classroom-based physical activity program aligned to health and physical education standards. BEPA 2.0 can be used before, during, or after school, both inside and outside of the classroom, to increase children’s physical activity time at school.


Better Bones and Balance®

Better Bones and Balance® is an exercise program designed to gradually improve balance and strength to avoid falls and maintain independence.


Food Hero

Food Hero is your go-to site for quick, tasty, healthy recipes and helpful tips. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll find something new for your family to enjoy.



StrongWomen™ is a nationally recognized, evidence-based community exercise program designed to increase the number of mid-life and older women participating in safe and effective strength training.


Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease (WWE) is an exercise program that can reduce pain and improve overall health. If you can be on your feet for 10 minutes without increased pain, you can have success with Walk With Ease!