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Brooke Edmunds is the OSU Extension Community Horticulturist in Linn and Benton Counties and assistant professor (practice) in the OSU Department of Horticulture.  She has a Ph.D in Plant Pathology from North Carolina State University and has previously worked for the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Colorado State University Extension.  Her focus is on meeting the community horticulture needs in Linn and Benton counties. 

In her Extension role, she oversees the Master Gardener programs in each county. She also coordinate research-based educational programs in community food systems and IPM. Outside of work, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading, and exploring beautiful Oregon. 

Content by Brooke Edmunds

Plant Pathology Presentation

Plant disease basics

By Brooke Edmunds, | Presentation

Pacific Poison-oak and Western Poison-ivy: Identification and Management

Discusses how to identify and control Pacific poison-oak and western poison-ivy, and how to prevent exposure to the plants' oily substance, urushiol, which can cause an allergic contact dermatitis.

By Andy Hulting, Lauren Grand, Brooke Edmunds, Alicia Christiansen | OSU Extension Catalog

Vegetable Variety Trials 2017

This publication is a compilation of vegetable variety trial notes from field trials conducted at the Oregon State University vegetable farm in Corvallis, Oregon. It contains information on a wide variety of vegetables and focuses on quality characteristics and adaptability to western Oregon.

By Brooke Edmunds | OSU Extension Catalog

Do I need to "tuck in" my berries for the winter?

How to winter over blueberries and black raspberries? Pruning etc. Once heard to bury the blueberries, is that true?

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question

Managing Moss in Lawns in Western Oregon

This video demonstrates how to identify and eliminate moss from your lawn. It is a companion to OSU Extension publication EM 9175. View it now

By Alec Kowalewski, Brooke Edmunds | OSU Extension Catalog

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