The Polk County Master Gardener™ Program provides research-based gardening information and educational opportunities to the residents of Polk County. They do this through classes and plant problem clinics in various locations throughout the year. The demonstration garden at Independence Mountain Fir Park gives practical examples of home horticulture principles that are the  foundation of the Master Gardener™ Program.

Each Master Gardener volunteer has attended the 60 hour Oregon State University Master Gardener™ Training in various horticulture disciplines and performed 60 hours of volunteer work on specific Polk County Master Gardener projects.

Become a Master Gardener

Do you love gardening? Want to advance your gardening knowledge and skills? Enjoy helping others learn? Become a Master Gardener!

  • Learn research-based gardening techniques: Learn the art and science of growing and caring for plants using sustainable gardening practices.
  • Grow your community: Meet beginner and expert gardeners in your community and help expand their knowledge and confidence.
  • Learn by teaching: Provide gardening education to help your community thrive.
  • Gain confidence in your skills: As they see how their gardening knowledge is valued, Master Gardeners blossom and become more confident and outgoing.
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Upcoming Events

Jul 20

Iris Dig

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Jefferson, OR
Jul 27
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Learn about gardening. Ask us questions.

There are many ways to learn about gardening through OSU Extension:

  • Gardening resources: Access to our gardening resources is affordable—often offered at no-cost—through one-on-one conversations with experts, workshops, publications, hotlines, online classes and more.
  • Ask a gardening question: Do you have a gardening question? Local experts are available to answer your gardening and insect questions. Please contact us (online, by phone or in person), we’d love to hear from you.
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