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Contact with me with questions about agriculture in Coos and Curry counties

Expertise: Pasture and forages , Berries and fruit , Integrated pest management , Pesticide safety and education , Weeds

Locations: Coos County , Curry County


I work with all aspects of agriculture on the south coast. Questions about crop production, grazing management, weed control, etc. are all welcome.

Current projects and research include:

1. Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network: Suicide in the US agricultural community is much higher than that of the general population. We provide agriculture-specific suicide prevention trainings (QPR trainings) that help people recognize someone who is considering suicide, know how to approach and talk with them, and know how to get them to the help they need. If you are interested in learning more about the program, or would like to attend one of our trainings, please visit our website.

2. Screening products that will control moss and other weeds in cranberry.

3. Testing an organic OSU-patented cuticle supplement to see if it helps control fruit cracking in cranberries. Will begin tests on it's ability to prevent fruit rot in the summer of 2022.

4. Screening products for control of tipworm (a relatively new insect pest to our region) in cranberry.

5. Working on a project to identify fruit rot pathogens in Oregon and Washington cranberries, calculate their relative abundance, and determine levels of resistance to disease control products. We will use that information to help growers be more efficient with their disease management efforts.

6. Screening products for the control of armored scale.

7. Managing a pheromone trapping program in cranberry as part of an integrated pest management strategy on farms.

8. I serve on the Coos County Weed Board and we provide weed ID and control information to the residents of the county. We also facilitate a grant-funded annual herbicide cost-share program.

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