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Homeless in Metro area, what are my options?

Oct 2018
I've been a resident of Clackamas county for the past 30 years and have recently been made homeless. I need help with housing placement on a fixed income of $870.00 per month being on SS Disability. I've not found anyone or any program to help me get off the streets. I've also experienced businesses telling me I cannot come back to their establishment once they find out I am a homeless. Can you guide me to resources?

By Teresa Crowley | Featured Question

Is TUMS a good source for calcium?

Oct 2017
I am interested in information about calcium supplements. Is TUMS a good source?

By Patty Case | Featured Question

Got Calcium? What form is best?

Aug 2016
Do studies substantiate calcium gluconate is better absorbed by bone than calcium carbonate?

By Patty Case | Featured Question

What can I do to build better bones?

Feb 2016
I was just identified with a -2.5 bone density score and I do not want to take fosamax. I'm 65 and would rather increase my calcium and vitamin D, do weight bearing exercise. I quit smoking seven years ago and have never fractured any bones. What else can I do to reduce bone loss? I eat a healthy diet, am 5'4", and lead an active life.  

By Kathy Gunter | Featured Question

Post-Fukushima Atomic Surfing? Will I Gulp and Glow?

Dec 2013
I surf regularly along the northern Oregon coast. In light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has any recent / regular testing been completed to see if the water is safe to surf in? Some of us are out there for extended periods of time and may even accidentally gulp down some seawater during wipeouts. A lot of conversation and articles I have read seem to focus on bio-accumulation issues for seafood consumers. It would be good to get information out to the surfing community. 

By Jamie Doyle | Featured Question