Lynn Ketchum

Health Outreach

GROW Healthy Kids and Communities

Generating Rural Options for Weight (GROW) Healthy Kids and Communities is an integrated research, education, and Extension program that seeks to inspire communities, schools, and families to create environments that make it easy for children to eat healthfully and be physically active most every day where they live, learn, grow, and play.



HEAL MAPPS™ helps community stakeholders document people’s experience of place with respect to supports and barriers for habitual healthy eating and physical activity.



We engage people in the communities we serve in assessing the conditions that most affect them where they live, work, learn, and play. We do this to learn what will work best to improve weight healthy behaviors for children and families, and food and physical activity resources in the community.



The School Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment Tool (SPAN-ET) was developed to assess school resources and readiness to improve nutrition and physical activity environments, suggest appropriate improvement strategies, and score impacts resulting from environmentally-based treatments.