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"Poke Salad Annie" alive and well in Oregon?

Nov 2019
My dog has been sick a few times and I found this plant with berries in my back yard. Trying to identify it but having trouble. Think it is a night shade type but just does not look like examples on internet . Can you help ??  

By Neil Bell | Featured Question

Introduction to Olives in Oregon

Nov 2019
This webinar is part of the 2019 series of Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension. Heather Stoven and Victoria Binning of the OSU Extension Small Farms Program will introduce olives as both an ornamental and production plant. Can you grow them in Oregon? What conditions do they prefer? They will discuss a little of the ...

By Heather Stoven, Victoria Binning | Video

Gardener's Pen

Oregon Master Gardener Association publishes a newsletter, The Gardener's Pen, twice a year.


Klamath Basin Horticulture

Articles related to horticulture in the Klamath Basin


Transitioning Grapevines from Cane to Spur Pruning

Aug 2019
This video describes how to select canes for developing cordons in the transition from cane to spur pruned vineyards.

By Patricia Skinkis | Video

Why are my blackberries variegated?

Jul 2019
For more than ten years, we have raised a thornless blackberry cultivar with large, succulent berries. They don't have as much sweet flavor as wild blackberries, but are sure a lot easier to pick! The problem is some of the berries ripen on the top half of the berry, but the bottom half remains red and hard. Is there anything we can do? My solution has been to ...

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question

Miscellaneous Berry Crops in the Home Garden

Jan 2019
An introduction to growing kiwifruit, currants, gooseberries, lingonberries, and other berries at home.

By Bernadine Strik | Educational Document

Growing Table Grapes in the Home Garden

Jan 2019
An introduction to growing table grapes at home.

By Bernadine Strik | Presentation

Strawberries for the Home Garden

Jan 2019
An introduction on growing strawberries at home.

By Bernadine Strik | Presentation

Raspberries for the Home Garden

Jan 2019
An introduction to growing raspberries at home

By Bernadine Strik | Presentation