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Steve Dodrill
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Why are my blackberries variegated?

For more than ten years, we have raised a thornless blackberry cultivar with large, succulent berries. They don't have as much sweet flavor as wild blackberries, but are sure a lot easier to pick! The problem is some of the berries ripen on the top half of the berry, but the bottom half remains red...

By Steve Renquist, | Featured Question

Can a pluot pollinator be plum or apricot?

I have a Flavor Supreme pluot. The year before last it had a lot of fruit. I do not have a pollinator for it, but the neighbor's have a plum. Last year it had only a few fruits. I want to get a pollinator. According to what I read it needs to be another pluot or a plum (there is a list of them). Why...

By Chris Rusch | Featured Question

Is my apple tree wounded?

I have a Gala apple tree, around 5 years old. It is a good producer and appears to be in good health, but as you know, requires lots of attention... spraying, etc. I had some apple scab problems with it for the last two years, which I gather is pretty common with Galas, but now seem to have that...

By Ross Penhallegon, | Featured Question

I have a small orchard, is it too soon to prune?

I have a small orchard of mostly dwarf pear, plum, peach, nectarine, apple. I'm wondering if it is too soon (1/24/18) to prune these trees given that we haven't had a significant frost/freeze yet? I usually prune around this time but am hesitant. The new buds are getting ready to pop it seems with...

By Ross Penhallegon, | Featured Question

Do I need to "tuck in" my berries for the winter?

How to winter over blueberries and black raspberries? Pruning etc. Once heard to bury the blueberries, is that true?

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question

Are Asian and European pears compatible?

Will Asian pears pollinate European varieties, and vice versa?

By Jeff Choate | Featured Question

What is a good soil mix for blueberries?

I will be planting blueberries in 18 inch tall 4x8 raised beds. I plan to use this as my basic soil: (pH 6-6.5) 30% Native Screened Sandy Loam 40% Garden Compost 5% Power Mulch 5% Mushroom Compost 20% Horticultural Pumice. How can I transform this basic soil to make it perfect for blueberries? I am...

By Claudia Groth | Featured Question

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, can we eat it?

We picked up two five gallon buckets full of apples that were laying on the ground from our tree which we have never sprayed. We do not have any animals except squirrels and an occasional cat who may wander through our yard. Should I make applesauce and pies out of the apples or, in an abundance of...

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

How can seedless watermelons make baby watermelons?

Where do growers get seed for seedless watermelon if the melons have no seeds? 

By Gillian Carson | Featured Question

Will marionberries break into my house and take over my life?

We'd love to have some marionberries growing along the southern side of our house which gets great sun.  I've heard horror stories of blackberries taking over and nearly impossible to get rid of. So, here are my questions: Are marionberries as aggressive? Will they have potential to damage my...

By Bernadine Strik | Featured Question