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"Poke Salad Annie" alive and well in Oregon?

Q: My dog has been sick a few times and I found this plant with berries in my back yard. Trying to identify it but having trouble. Think it is a night shade type but just does not look like examples on internet . Can you help ??  

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Berry Crop and Grape Resources for Small Farms

Resources describing the production tactics it takes to produce healthy berries and grapes.

Apr 2018 | Collection

Spring is the time to turn attention to blackberries and raspberries

Get the berry season off to a good start with some fertilizer and a trim

Kym Pokorny | Apr 7, 2017 | News Story

Five berry-bearing shrubs to feed birds in winter

Keep our feathered friends in fine fettle in cold weather

Kym Pokorny | Jan 8, 2016 | News Story

Growing berries, fruit trees, roses and native plants in Central Oregon

OSU Extension publications show how to grow several kinds of berries, fruit trees, roses and native plants in Central Oregon.

Jan 9, 2009 | News Story