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Value of Sheep Footrot Vaccination

In 1999 I cooperated with a pharmaceutical company and two Douglas County sheep producers for FDA re-certification of a footrot vaccine. Results were reported to the corporation and at county educational programs. Due to ...

Shelby Filley | Dec 2020 | Article

Animal exposure to wildfire smoke

Wildfires are a common threat at this time of the year, affecting humans as well as animals. This article highlights proper care for animals during and after wildfire smoke exposure.

Juliana Ranches | Sep 2020 | Article

OSU Extension assists with livestock rescue efforts as Oregonians flee fires

When the fires started raging on Tuesday, OSU Extension employees started preparing barns and other buildings for animals, in addition to sorting through donations of food and water. Since then, they’ve been working day and night.

Chris Branam | Sep 11, 2020 | News story