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FAQ About Using Custom-Exempt Slaughter and Processing Facilities in Oregon

If livestock producers in Oregon wish to sell meat, they must have their livestock slaughtered and processed at a USDA-inspected facility. Some producers have chosen to sell live animals, which the customers, as the new owners, can then have processed at a “custom-exempt,” state licensed facility.

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Nutrient Requirements of Sheep

These tables contain the nutrient requirements of sheep in pounds and as a percentage of the diet. Table 1 is for mature ewes, Table 2 is for ewe lambs and ram lambs, and Table 3 is for growing and finishing lambs.

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Cyanide (Prussic Acid) Testing

This document has directions on using Cyantesmo Paper for testing fresh forages for Cyanide (Prussic Acid).

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Mineral requirements of goats

Mineral requirements of Goats

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Mineral requirements of sheep

This document lists the mineral requirements of sheep. Two subgroups of minerals, macro and micro, are listed. Maximum tolerable amounts of the microminerals are included. Use these requirements along with the Mineral Assessment worksheets to balance rations.

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Sheep and Goats Collection

Here is a collection of our favorite resources for sheep and goat production information, including production and management, reproduction, nutrition, lambing, and more.