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Lynn Ketchum
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English ivy, it gets knocked down but it gets up again. Help!

I have a problem with ivy growing up the side of the garage. I beat it back again and again. Is there a way to rid myself of this? I hate poisons, but may be open to using some on this ivy.

By Elizabeth Records, | Featured Question

I am bamboozled, help!

Greetings - any tips or resources on helping rid, or at least control creeping bamboo? Digging up is partially helpful here, but a water pipe located below the main plant makes it problematic. Mainly want to control the shoots. Seems like repeated applications of Round Up is the most common...

By Pat Patterson, | Featured Question

Are Asian carp on the way to our waterways?

We would like to understand why the Asian Carp is a invasive species. Does the Asian Carp otherwise known as the Silver Carp cause native Oregon species to be placed on the close to extinct list? What would be Oregon's worst catastrophe of having the Asian Carp in our waterways?

By Samuel Chan | Featured Question

Is English ivy REALLY invasive?

I realize ivy is considered an invasive plant, however, we like it and are using it for erosion control. We recently planted cuttings with the help of root hormone powder. My question: is this an okay time to have planted this so that it can thrive?

By Brandy Saffell | Featured Question

I have introduced a toxic plant, how can I safely remove it?

My husband and I moved to Halfway, OR in November. My friend tells me that a plant we have on our septic mound is dangerous to keep around. She says this succulent is very dangerous if you get it in your eyes. I'm wondering if you can tell me about this plant. If I need to get rid of it, what is the...

By Robin Maille | Featured Question