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Klamath River Parasite Song (The Ballad of Ceratonova Shasta)

This music video is a ballad created from research on Ceratonova Shasta, a parasite that affects salmon on the Klamath River in Oregon.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

English ivy, it gets knocked down but it gets up again. Help!

I have a problem with ivy growing up the side of the garage. I beat it back again and again. Is there a way to rid myself of this? I hate poisons, but may be open to using some on this ivy.

By Elizabeth Records, | Featured Question

Tree School Clackamas teaches love for the land

Educational event draws hundreds from woodland community in Clackamas County and beyond.

By Glenn Ahrens, Rose Clarke, Michael Bondi, Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson | Article

Invasive Plants of Eastern Oregon and Alternative Natives and Ornamentals

When deciding upon which plants will be used in your garden or landscaping project it’s important to avoid selecting species that are considered invasive. This publication provides several examples of invasive plants for our area, specifically for zones 5 and 6 of the United States Department of Agriculture’s “hardiness zones” chart.

By Mary Corp, Chris Luttrell | Publication

Controlling Invasive Plants

Some common garden plants have become invasive pests in wild habitats. In Oregon, these invasives include some favorites such as English ivy and butterfly bush.