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Scholarship Information

Statewide scholarships are available to Oregon 4-H'ers who are:

  • Currently enrolled in 4-H
  • Have been a member of 4-H for at least 3 years (including the current year, does not need to be consecutive)
  • Currently a high school senior (Spring 2024 scholarships will be awarded to kids graduating high school in 2024)
  • Planning to attend an accredited two-year college program or four-year college program
  • Have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher

Oregon 4-H scholarship awards require you to include your 4-H Resume and 4-H Story (a written or video essay about your 4-H experience).

This is just one of many reasons we teach and emphasize recordkeeping ability in 4-H throughout your entire 4-H career!

Many 4-H scholarships in Oregon are provided by donors who love 4-H and Oregon State University. For this reason, some scholarships are only available to current or future OSU students.

Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements determined by the original donor or trust that created it. Determine which scholarships you're eligible for and use the button below to submit your application.

All applications must be submitted to the state office by March 1. Check with your county Extension office for their submission requirements. Some counties will require you to turn in applications to their county office before submitting them online. We encourage you to ask your 4-H volunteer(s) or your 4-H office to review your materials before submission to ensure that they are complete.

Awardee selection is weighted towards your 4-H participation, accomplishments, and resume. Decisions are based on:

  • My 4-H Resume: 55%
  • My 4-H Story: 35%
  • Academic achievement: 10%
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