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Faculty and Staff

Cathryn Haas

4-H Program Leader

Mary Arnold

Youth Development & Evaluation Specialist
Lynette Black is an Extension associate professor and Oregon 4-H Youth Development faculty.

Lynette Black

Associate Professor, Oregon 4-H Youth Development Statewide and Wasco County; OSU Extension Service Extension Disaster Education Network Representative
Candi Bothum

Candi Bothum

State 4-H Animal Science Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development
Virginia Bourdeau

Virginia Bourdeau

4‐H Science & Camping Specialist
Paul Carey

Paul Carey

Executive Director, Oregon 4-H Foundation

Pati Craven

State 4-H Executive Assistant

Carol Duda

Oregon 4-H Conference and Education Center Kitchen Manager

Wendy Fekkers

Extension 4-H, E&E/Extension Administration

Jaime Guillén

4-H Program Assistant
Marilyn Lesmeister

Marilyn Lesmeister

4-H Youth Development Program Leader (Interim)

Roberta Lundeberg

State 4-H Program Coordinator
Mario Magaña Álvarez | Associate Professor | Oregon 4-H State Outreach Specialist Oregon State University Extension Service | College of Public Health and Human Sciences 106 Ballard Extension Hall    Corvallis, OR 97331-3608

Mario Magaña Álvarez

State 4-H Outreach Coordinator
Alex Powell

Alex Powell

Program Coordinator, 4-H Foundation

Traci Reed

State Military Liaison, 4-H Program Coordinator

Carole Smith

State 4-H Civic Engagement, International Exchange Program Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development
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Shana Withee

State 4‐H International Program Coordinator, Family & Community Health