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Faculty and Staff

Mary Arnold

Youth Development & Evaluation Specialist
On Campus

Lynette Black

Family & Consumer Science, Expressive Arts Coordinator

Candi Bothum

State 4-H Animal Science Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development

Virginia Bourdeau

4‐H Science & Camping Specialist
On Campus

Pati Craven

State 4-H Executive Assistant
On Campus

Jaime Guillén

4-H Program Assistant
On Campus

Roberta Lundeberg

State 4-H Program Coordinator
On Campus

Mario Magaña Álvarez

State 4-H Outreach Coordinator
On Campus

Kristen Moore

State 4-H Companion Animals Program Coordinator , 4-H Educator

Please contact me with questions about companion pet 4-H programming in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties.

Alex Powell

Program Coordinator, 4-H Foundation
On Campus

Carole Smith

State 4-H Civic Engagement, International Exchange Program Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development
On Campus

David White

State 4-H Outdoor Education & Recreation
On Campus

Contact me for questions about Shooting Sports, ATV Safety, Tractor Safety, Aquatic Ecology and Angler Educaiton, Challenge and Adventure

Shana Withee

State 4‐H International Program Coordinator, Family & Community Health

Paul Carey

Executive Director, Oregon 4-H Foundation
On Campus

Marilyn Lesmeister

4-H Youth Development Program Leader (Interim)
On Campus