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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with 4-H!

4-H offers project-based clubs (like archery, robotics, and animal science) as well as community clubs where you can explore different projects that spark your interest! You community may also have after-school or in-school 4-H opportunities like Science Club and Babysitter Certification.

The new 4-H year starts each year on October 1, but you can join anytime by finding a local club that is accepting new members. Reach out to your local Extension office for more information and to be connected with local club leaders.

Children ages 5–8 are eligible to join 4-H as Cloverbuds, where they can learn by doing, experience the fun of 4-H, and participate in age-appropriate programming. Cloverbuds are not able to participate in horse, livestock, or other competitive projects.

Photo: Ashton Robertson (Cropped from original)
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