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Get Involved

There are lots of fun things you can learn in 4-H and in a variety of ways. You can participate in 4-H through clubs, camps, your school, and short-term experiences. You can learn about animals, computers, public speaking, cooking, art, gardening and environmental sciences, just to name a few projects. 4-H connects young people and adults to communities. You can make a positive impact with 4-H no matter what stage of life you are in.

Check out these videos about Oregon 4-H has influenced these lives: Making the Best Better - Building Life Skills

Join a Club

4‑H clubs follow a planned program and offer multiple learning opportunities for youth that are self-directed. Clubs can meet in a variety of locations and typically meet in the evenings and on the weekends. To to find out what clubs are in your area and to get involved, contact your county office. Membership in 4-H is open to all youth, ages 5 through 19, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or marital/parental status.

Go To Camp

4‑H overnight and day camps offer recreational and educational opportunities in a camp setting. 4‑H camps provide youth with the chance to meet new people, have fun, and experience the great outdoors. Meeting new friends and trying new things are two great reasons kids love coming to camp! Have you paddled a canoe, ridden a horse or made a tie dyed shirt before? Campers participate in classes on a broad range of topics such as natural science, technology (GPS or Robots) and even cooking! 4-H camps take place at the Oregon 4-H Center in Salem and in local county based sites throughout the state. Some camps have specific themes of interest to campers. So check it out and find the camp that is right for you. Which ever camp you pick- it will be the best thing you did all summer!

To find a camp...

Participate at School

4‑H after-school and in-school programs provide 4‑H activities during and after school hours using hands-on activities and 4‑H curriculum. Both programs are available in grade schools and high schools.

4-H believes young people learn best by doing. With guidance from a mentor, youth can explore their sparks in life and create their 4-H journey. No matter your budget, schedule, or passion, there is a 4-H program for you!

Ready to learn more about 4-H clubs and programs in your area? Want to begin your journey as a 4-H member?

All youth ages 5 to 19 are welcome to join and learn with 4-H.

Please contact your local 4-H county program to discover the innovative 4-H programs happening near you and learn how to get involved.

Grow with 4-H

4-H: A Family Program

This publication provides an introduction to what it means to become a 4-H family. It describes expectations and responsibilities for 4-H members and their families and explains the support role of Extension in the 4-H Youth Development program.

By Roberta Lundeberg, Marilyn Lesmeister | OSU Extension Catalog

Facts About 4-H

This is an introductory 4-H publication designed to help new members, parents, and volunteers understand basic information about Oregon 4-H, including the program's mission, educational philosophy, and history.

By Marilyn Lesmeister | OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Welcomes You/Bienvenidos

Comic-style book in English and Spanish about the benefits of joining 4-H.

By Beverly Hobbs | OSU Extension Catalog

You Make the Best Better!

Become a 4-H Volunteer

A caring and supportive relationship with an adult is a critical component of the 4-H youth development program. 4-H youth thrive because of you!

Do you have a passion and willingness to share it? Do you enjoy cooking? Sewing? Working with pets or livestock? What about robotics? Please contact your local 4-H county program to discover the innovative 4-H programs happening near you and learn how to get involved.

Collegiate 4-H

Did you know that 4-H fun and learning does not stop when you graduate high school? You can continue to give back to your community, further develop your leadership skills, and stay involved in the 4-H program as an undergraduate in college!

Oregon State Collegiate 4-H is a community service and leadership based club open to all OSU undergraduates. The OSU Collegiate 4-H Chapter began in 1929 and has a long and proud history here at Oregon State University.


Were you involved in 4-H when you were growing up? Please join the growing and thriving 4-H Alumni community! Stay connected to National and Oregon 4-H programs by raising your hand!

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