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Spring Classic

Spring Classic 2021 will be held virtually and is Scheduled for: 

  •      May 14-16 for all contests except Quiz Bowls
  •      Quiz Bowls are scheduled for May 21-23

MEMO to all regarding Spring Classic 2021

Spring Classic now includes the following statewide contests (* signifies that a National contest is available for Senior members/teams):

  • *Horse, Dog, Rabbit, and *Poultry Judging
  • *Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Shooting Sports, *Livestock, *FCS (New in 2021) and *Avian Quiz Bowls
  • *Hippology
  • *Livestock Skills
  • Shooting Sports Knowledge Skills
  • *FCS Skills (New in 2021)
  • Presentations, Team Presentations and Public Speaking in
    • Small animal (dog, rabbit, cavy, poultry, pigeon)
    • *Livestock
    • *Horse
    • Shooting Sports

Spring Classic Rules & Information:

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