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The future of 4-H is for all youth to have access to incredible learning opportunities, fun experiences, and life-changing positive relationships.

The Oregon 4-H Outreach Youth Development Education program is committed to expanding 4-H opportunities for under-served populations in Oregon.

In partnership with OSU, other youth programs, and business, we encourage youth from diverse cultural backgrounds to pursue post-secondary education by offering summer camps, conferences, leadership training, clubs, and programs where participants learn how to navigate and succeed in the US educational system. This includes financial aid opportunities, scholarships, and how to prepare and apply for college.

Outreach also offers opportunities for 4-Hers from diverse backgrounds to gather together and share cultural experiences with one another, like soccer/fútbol, music, cooking, archery, canoeing, cultural activities, and folkloric dance.

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Photo: Jaime G (Cropped from original)
Photo: Jaime G (Cropped from original)

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